Drusilla Dunjee Houston (1876-1941)

The self-trained historian, educator, and journalist Drusilla Dunjee Houston was born in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia on January 20, 1876. Her parents were Rev. John William and Lydia Taylor Dunjee. The couple had nine children but only three including Drucilla would survive to adulthood. Rev. … Read MoreDrusilla Dunjee Houston (1876-1941)

Vincent Lushington (“Roi”) Ottley

Vincent Lushington “Roi” Ottley was born in Harlem in 1906 to parents Jerome P. and Beatrice (Brisbane) Ottley who were immigrants from Grenada.  Ottley attended New York City public schools where he became known as an exceptional athlete in basketball, baseball and track. Ottley won … Read MoreVincent Lushington (“Roi”) Ottley

Joseph Seamon Cotter Jr. (1895-1919)

John Seamon Cotter, Jr., a talented playwright, journalist, and poet, was born and reared in Louisville, Kentucky. The son of journalist, playwright, poet, teacher and community developer Joseph Seamon Cotter, Sr., the younger Cotter’s education began with his sister Florence Olivia teaching him to read. … Read MoreJoseph Seamon Cotter Jr. (1895-1919)