Eartha M. M. White (1876-1974)

Eartha Mary Magdalene White, a prominent African American resident of Jacksonville, Florida, was widely known for her humanitarian and philanthropic endeavors in the northeastern part of that state. White was born in Jacksonville, Florida, on November 8, 1876. Her mother died shortly after childbirth, and, … Read MoreEartha M. M. White (1876-1974)

Fitzgerald Redd Beaver (Fitz) (1922–1992)

“Image Ownership:CTC96” Fitzgerald Redd Beaver was a mid-and late 20th century media entrepreneur in the Pacific Northwest. He was the founder and publisher of The Facts, one of the two major black newspapers in Seattle, Washington since the 1960s. Building on a long tradition of … Read MoreFitzgerald Redd Beaver (Fitz) (1922–1992)

Harold “Slim” Jenkins (1890-1967)

Harold Jenkins was an African American entrepreneur and owner of the renowned Slim Jenkins Supper Club in Oakland, California, popular from the 1930s to the 1960s.  Jenkins was born July 22, 1890, in Monroe, Louisiana and relocated to Oakland shortly after World War I, and … Read MoreHarold “Slim” Jenkins (1890-1967)

Chief Alfred Charles Sam (ca. 1880 -1930s)

Chief Alfred Charles Sam, a shadowy figure in Oklahoma history, inspired the emigration of hundreds of African American Oklahomans back to Africa in the second decade of the 20th century. Those who completed the first journey to Africa endured physical and financial hardships, with some … Read MoreChief Alfred Charles Sam (ca. 1880 -1930s)

Garrett A. Morgan, Sr. (ca. 1877-1963)

Inventor, entrepreneur, and publisher Garrett A. Morgan Sr. received patents for a three-position traffic signal and a safety hood that was designed to aid breathing in smoke-filled areas. He gained national attention when he utilized his mask to rescue men trapped during a tunnel explosion … Read MoreGarrett A. Morgan, Sr. (ca. 1877-1963)

Robert Louis Johnson (1946- )

Robert Louis Johnson, founder, chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Black Entertainment Television (BET), is also the majority owner of the Charlotte (North Carolina) Bobcats of the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the first African American billionaire. He was born in Hickory, Mississippi in … Read MoreRobert Louis Johnson (1946- )