David Louis Bartholomew (1918-2019)

David Louis Bartholomew was best known for his collaborations with Fats Domino, writing or co-writing a string of hits including “Ain’t That A Shame” and “I’m Walking.” He was one of the most influential promoters of 20th Century New Orleans-style music, particularly during the 1950s … Read MoreDavid Louis Bartholomew (1918-2019)

Julian Edwin “Cannonball” Adderley (1928-1975)

Combining styles of earlier influences with his own unique twists secured Julian “Cannonball” Adderley’s place in history as an experienced alto saxophonist who was fearless in exploring fresh musical styles.  Born in Tampa, Florida on September 15, 1928, Adderley was welcomed into a musical family … Read MoreJulian Edwin “Cannonball” Adderley (1928-1975)

Taj Mahal (Henry St. Claire Fredericks) (1942- )

Blues, jazz, and folk musician Taj Mahal was born Henry St. Claire Fredericks in Harlem, New York on May 17, 1942.   He was raised in Springfield, Massachusetts by musically gifted parents. Mahal’s father was a jazz musician and his mother a gospel singer.  As a … Read MoreTaj Mahal (Henry St. Claire Fredericks) (1942- )