Lincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew (“Stepin Fetchit”) Perry (1902-1985)

Reviled by Langston Hughes and many others for his film and stage portrayals of black characters as “lazy, shuffling, no-account Negroes,” Perry transformed himself from a minor-league minstrel clown into one of the most highly-paid black actors in Hollywood, California history at the expense of … Read MoreLincoln Theodore Monroe Andrew (“Stepin Fetchit”) Perry (1902-1985)

Roberta Byrd Barr (1919-1993)

Roberta Byrd Barr was an African American educator, civil rights leader, actress, librarian, and television personality. She was a talented, multifaceted personality with a calm presence, thoughtful demeanor, and a darkly melodious voice which served her well in the many roles she played in the Seattle, … Read MoreRoberta Byrd Barr (1919-1993)