Hobart T. Taylor Sr. (1890-1972)

Hobart Taylor (front) at Construction of the Astrodome, Fall 1962 Image Ownership: Public Domain Entrepreneur, millionaire, and political activist, Hobart T. Taylor was born in 1890 in Wharton, Texas, to Millie (Wright) and Jack Taylor. Jack Taylor, a former slave, who had become an entrepreneur … Read MoreHobart T. Taylor Sr. (1890-1972)

Lydia Flood Jackson (1862-1963)

Lydia Flood Jackson was a champion of women’s rights and suffrage in California for African American women and other people of color. The outspoken activist was the first black student to attend an integrated public school in Oakland, California. Flood’s mother, Elizabeth Thorn Scott Flood, … Read MoreLydia Flood Jackson (1862-1963)

William “Curly” Neal (1849-1936)

William “Curly” Neal helped turn a frontier western mining camp in the Santa Catalina Mountains of Arizona into a booming town that attracted businessmen and financiers, elite vacationers, and royals from around the world. His various business ventures as a teamster, passenger and freight hauler, … Read MoreWilliam “Curly” Neal (1849-1936)

Rebecca Groundage Howard (1827-1881)

Rebecca Howard, an outstanding hotelier and cook, was one of Olympia, Washington‘s earliest businesswomen. Born in 1827 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Rebecca Groundage married Alexander Howard, a local cooper, in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1843. By 1859 Rebecca and her husband had moved to Olympia and … Read MoreRebecca Groundage Howard (1827-1881)