Eleanor Dickey Ragsdale (1926-1998)

Eleanor Dickey Ragsdale was one of the most distinguished activists, educators, and entrepreneurs in Arizona history. In 1947 she graduated from the historically black Cheyney University in Pennsylvania. The university’s main mission was to cultivate African American teachers, who would become leaders in their local … Read MoreEleanor Dickey Ragsdale (1926-1998)

Rebecca Groundage Howard (1827-1881)

Rebecca Howard, an outstanding hotelier and cook, was one of Olympia, Washington‘s earliest businesswomen. Born in 1827 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Rebecca Groundage married Alexander Howard, a local cooper, in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1843. By 1859 Rebecca and her husband had moved to Olympia and … Read MoreRebecca Groundage Howard (1827-1881)

Marjorie Edwina Pitter King (1921-1996)

Marjorie Edwina Pitter King, the youngest of the Pitter sisters, was born March 8, 1921, to Edward A. Pitter and Marjorie Allen Pitter, in Seattle, Washington. When she graduated from Garfield High School, she joined her sisters at the University of Washington to study for … Read MoreMarjorie Edwina Pitter King (1921-1996)

Sarann Knight-Preddy (1920-2014)

Sarann Knight was born in Eufaula, Oklahoma  on July 22, 1920, to parents of mixed African American and Native American ancestry.  She migrated to Las Vegas in 1942, settling with her husband, Luther Walker, in the Westside African American community.  Preddy first sought employment on … Read MoreSarann Knight-Preddy (1920-2014)