George “Little Chocolate” Dixon (1870-1909)

Image Ownership: Public Domain George Dixon, also known as “Little Chocolate,” was born on July 29, 1870 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Standing only 5’ 3 ½” and weighing no more than 118 pounds over the bulk of his career, “Little Chocolate” was described as long … Read MoreGeorge “Little Chocolate” Dixon (1870-1909)

Leslie “Wildcat” Carter (1909-1985)

Leslie “Wildcat” Carter was born on December 12, 1909 and migrated to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with his family as a very small boy.  At fourteen, he and an older sister moved to Everett, Washington.  One year later, at fifteen, he began his professional boxing career … Read MoreLeslie “Wildcat” Carter (1909-1985)