The Syracuse 8 (1969)

In 1969 a group of nine student-athletes boycotted Syracuse University’s football program to demand change and promote racial equality. Popularized erroneously in 1970 by the media as the “Syracuse 8,” the nine students behind the boycott were Gregory Allen, Richard Bulls, Dana Harrell, John Godbolt, … Read MoreThe Syracuse 8 (1969)

Eugene Upshaw (Gene) Thurman (1945-2008)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Gene Upshaw was a Hall of Fame professional football player for the Oakland Raiders and Executive Director of the National Football League (NFL) Players’ Association. Upshaw was born in Robstown, Texas in 1945 where he picked cotton as a child and … Read MoreEugene Upshaw (Gene) Thurman (1945-2008)