Philip Goodwin Freelon (1952-2019)

Philip Freelon is a prominent architect best known for his design of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History & Culture. Freelon was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on March 26, 1952, to Allan R. Freelon, Jr. and Elizabeth N. Freelon. His grandfather was Allan R. … Read MorePhilip Goodwin Freelon (1952-2019)

James H. Garrott (1897-1991)

James Homer Garrott was an African American modernist architect. He was pivotal in the creation of many historic buildings in the Los Angeles, California area, designing more than 200 buildings throughout the city, including municipal buildings, schools, medical buildings, and over 25 churches between 1928 and … Read MoreJames H. Garrott (1897-1991)

Harvey Bernard Gantt (1943- )

Harvey B. Gantt, architect and politician, was born January 14, 1943 in Charleston, South Carolina to Christopher and Wilhelmenia Gantt.  In 1961, Gantt attended Iowa State University.  After one year of study, he returned to South Carolina and soon afterwards sued to enter racially segregated … Read MoreHarvey Bernard Gantt (1943- )

Albert I. Cassell (1895-1969)

Albert Irving Cassell, a prominent African American architect, planner, engineer, educator, and entrepreneur, was born on June 25, 1895, in Towson, Maryland.  His parents were Albert and Charlotte Cassell.  Albert’s father was a coal truck driver and trumpet player and his mother washed laundry to … Read MoreAlbert I. Cassell (1895-1969)