Luther Porter Jackson (1892-1950)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Luther Porter Jackson was a leading teacher, historian, and active voice of the history of African Americans in the South. Jackson was born in Lexington, Kentucky of former slave parents, Edward and Delilah Jackson, the ninth of twelve children. He attended … Read MoreLuther Porter Jackson (1892-1950)

Ornette Coleman (1930-2015)

It may be impossible today to understand fully the shock and outrage which alto saxophonist Ornette Coleman’s 1959 arrival in New York caused within the jazz community.  Coleman’s innovations freed his quartet from traditional structures of form, chordal harmony, tonality, and rhythm, and though his … Read MoreOrnette Coleman (1930-2015)

Berry Gordy, Jr. (1929- )

Berry Gordy, Jr. was born November 28, 1929 in Detroit, Michigan, the seventh of eight children to Bertha Fuller Gordy and Berry “Pops” Gordy, Sr.  The Gordy parents were strict disciplinarians who encouraged their children to demonstrate a good work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit.  … Read MoreBerry Gordy, Jr. (1929- )