Raydio (1977-1981; 2014- )

Funk and R&B band Raydio was formed in 1977 in Detroit, Michigan by composer/guitarist/vocalist Ray Erskine Parker Jr., vocalist/bassist Jerry Ernest Knight, pianist/guitarist/drummer Vincent Bohnam, and lead vocalist/Guitarist/lyricist Arnell Derek Carmichael. Ray Erskine Parker Jr., the lead musician, was born on May 1, 1954, in … Read MoreRaydio (1977-1981; 2014- )

Experience Unlimited (E.U.) (1975- )

Experience Unlimited, also known as E.U., is a funk band from Washington D.C. best known for their 1988 hit single, “Da Butt.” The original group members included Gregory “Sugar Bear” Elliot, Edward “June” Henderson, William “Ju-Ju” House, Maurice “Mighty Moe” Hagans, A.K. Webster, Jeno “Keys” … Read MoreExperience Unlimited (E.U.) (1975- )

The Gap Band (1974-2010)

The Gap Band was an R&B and Funk band founded in 1967 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and comprised the multi-instrumentalists Wilson brothers Charlie: Lead vocals, piano, synthesizer, organ, drums; Ronnie: vocal, trumpet, piano, percussion, songwriter; and Robert (1956-2010): vocal, bass, guitar, and percussion. They emerged as … Read MoreThe Gap Band (1974-2010)