Buffalo Soldiers at Vancouver, Washington Barracks (1899-1900)

Edward Gibson, Retired at Vancouver Barracks Image Courtsey of Frontier Army Museum at Fort Leavenworth In 1849 the U.S. Army established its first military post in the Pacific Northwest at Vancouver, Washington.  Known varyingly as Columbia Barracks, Fort Vancouver, and, since 1879, Vancouver Barracks, the … Read MoreBuffalo Soldiers at Vancouver, Washington Barracks (1899-1900)

Theophilus Gould Steward (1843-1924)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Theophilus G. Steward, African Methodist Episcopal minister, U.S. Army chaplain, and historian, was born April 17, 1843 in Bridgeton, New Jersey.  Publicly educated, he entered the ministry in 1864 and immediately sought to “go South.”  His wishes were granted in May … Read MoreTheophilus Gould Steward (1843-1924)