“Sugar” Ray Robinson (1921-1989)

  “Image Ownership: Public Domain” “Sugar” Ray Robinson is generally acknowledged as the greatest pound for pound fighter in boxing history. Born Walker Smith, Jr. on May 3, 1921 in Detriot, Michigan to parents Walker Smith, Sr., and Lelia (Hurst) Robinson.  His father was a … Read More“Sugar” Ray Robinson (1921-1989)

St. Clair Drake (1911-1990)

Image Ownership: Public Domain John Gibbs St. Clair Drake was an American anthropologist and sociologist and the founding Director of Stanford University’s African and African American Studies Department in 1968.  Drake was born in Suffolk, Virginia on January 2, 1911.  Drake’s father immigrated to the … Read MoreSt. Clair Drake (1911-1990)

Rayford W. Logan (1897-1982)

  Image Ownership: Public Domain Leading 20th Century black historian Rayford Whittingham Logan was born on January 7, 1897 in Washington, D.C.  to working class parents,  Arthur C. and Martha Whittingham Logan.   Rayford Logan spent his formative years in Washington, D.C.  While in high school, … Read MoreRayford W. Logan (1897-1982)