Maxwell Lemuel “Max” Roach (1924–2007)

Drummer, composer, and percussionist Max Roach was noted for his innovative contrapuntal polyrhythms, and was one of the founders of the bebop movement in jazz. He is widely considered one of the greatest drummers of all time, able to keep separate simultaneous rhythms going with … Read MoreMaxwell Lemuel “Max” Roach (1924–2007)

Charles “Charlie” Parker, Jr. (1920-1955)

Alto saxophonist Charlie Parker was the most influential jazz musician to follow Louis Armstrong, and one of the music’s few true revolutionaries.  The style he helped to create, called bebop, or bop, established jazz as an intellectual music that was no longer viewed merely as … Read MoreCharles “Charlie” Parker, Jr. (1920-1955)

Negro Baseball Leagues (1920-1950)

The Negro Baseball League Minidoc   Baseball was originally played by men in rival athletic clubs for recreation. After the Civil War in 1865, baseball’s popularity increased dramatically. At this early time it was still an amateur sport that attracted all races. There were all-white … Read MoreNegro Baseball Leagues (1920-1950)