Reverend Joseph H. Jackson (1900–1990)

“Image Ownership: Public Domain” Reverend Joseph Harrison Jackson was the pastor of Olivet Baptist Church in Chicago, Illinois (1941–1990), the longest-serving president of the National Baptist Convention (1953-1982), and a leading conservative voice during the Civil Rights era. To this day, Rev. Jackson remains a … Read MoreReverend Joseph H. Jackson (1900–1990)

George Albert Flippin (1868–1929)

George Albert Flippin and the University of Nebraska Football Team, 1895 (Nebraska State Historical Society) George Albert Flippin, born in Point Isable, Ohio, in 1868, was a prominent athlete and physician in Nebraska, who broke racial barriers in collegiate football and medicine for African Americans. … Read MoreGeorge Albert Flippin (1868–1929)

Robert Browning Flippin (1903–1963)

Robert Browning Flippin was an important community leader and racial activist in San Francisco beginning in the 1930s through the 1950s. He was also the first African American parole officer at the California State Prison at San Quentin. The son of the black physician George … Read MoreRobert Browning Flippin (1903–1963)

Samuel Z. Westerfield (1920-1972)

Ambassador Samuel Westerfield, his wife, Helene, and Their Son, Samuel Westerfield III in Monrovia, ca. 1971. Samuel Z. Westerfield, Jr., a Career Foreign Service Officer, was appointed ambassador to Liberia July 8, 1969 with the title of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. He died of a … Read MoreSamuel Z. Westerfield (1920-1972)

St. Martin De Porres Club (1947- )

The De Porres Club, 1951 Image Courtesy of Creighton University Library The St. Martin De Porres Club was founded in 1947 by Father John P. Markoe, S.J., a  priest, and Creighton University students interested in local civil rights issues in Omaha, Nebraska.   Father Markoe was … Read MoreSt. Martin De Porres Club (1947- )

James Edwards (1871-1951)

James Edwards was one of the most successful African American homesteaders in the state of Wyoming.  Born in Ohio on February 14, 1871, local tradition in Wyoming suggests that prior to venturing west, Edwards had served in an African American cavalry unit in Cuba, though … Read MoreJames Edwards (1871-1951)

John Brown’s Christmas Raid into Missouri 1858

John Brown’s preferred method of battling slavery was to free hundreds at a time in a single attack. However, the week of Christmas 1858, he made an exception and successfully rescued eleven Missouri slaves, throwing the region into a state of anxiety and adding another … Read MoreJohn Brown’s Christmas Raid into Missouri 1858

Loren Miller (1903-1967)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Born on January 20, 1903 in Pender, Nebraska to John Miller, a former slave, and Nora Herbaugh, a white Midwesterner, Miller was, at his death in 1967, considered one of the leading civil rights attorneys in the United States, particularly in … Read MoreLoren Miller (1903-1967)

Peyton Colony, Texas (1865– )

Peyton Colony’s Mt. Horeb Baptist Church Image Ownership: Public Domain Peyton Colony was a freedmen’s community established in 1865 by Peyton Roberts (c.1820-1888), an ex-slave who migrated to Caldwell County, Texas. Roberts was born enslaved on the William Roberts Plantation in Virginia.  Roberts and several … Read MorePeyton Colony, Texas (1865– )