Grégoire Kayibanda (1924-1976)

Grégoire Kayibanda was the first president of Rwanda. He was born on May 1, 1924, in Musambira, Rwanda. He attended primary school in his home village and then in 1947 he completed his studies at the Major Seminary in Nyakibanda, Rwanda. Kayibanda then worked as … Read MoreGrégoire Kayibanda (1924-1976)

Paul Kagame (1957- )

Paul Kagame, the current President of Rwanda, was born in Gitarama, central Rwanda, on October 23, 1957, into a Tutsi family. In 1959 when the massacres of Tutsis by Hutus began, Paul Kagame’s family fled to Uganda along with thousands of Tutsis, to save their lives. He grew up … Read MorePaul Kagame (1957- )