Sinclair Park, Kitsap County, Washington (1943-1948)

Bremerton, Washington became a major employment center during World War II when the Puget Sound Navy Yard expanded to meet wartime production demands.  Nearly 80,000 workers were recruited to the yards, including 10,000 African Americans.  Many of the first black arrivals were assigned to Sinclair Park, … Read MoreSinclair Park, Kitsap County, Washington (1943-1948)

Five Points, Denver, Colorado (ca. 1885- )

Denver, Colorado’s Five Points community originated in the 1880s as an upper middle-class neighborhood for professional and business men.  The city built one of its first cable streetcar lines into the area and numerous neighborhood businesses emerged along its tracks. White residents initially occupied the … Read MoreFive Points, Denver, Colorado (ca. 1885- )

Davis Bend, Mississippi (1865-1887)

Davis Bend, Mississippi was an all-black town near Vicksburg, sometimes referred to as Davis Bend colony. It was a 4,000-acre cooperative community made up of former enslaved African Americans seeking equality, justice, and race pride in a society they called their own. In 1865, this … Read MoreDavis Bend, Mississippi (1865-1887)