(1897) Mary Church Terrell, “In Union There is Strength”

Born in Memphis in 1863 and an activist until her death in 1954, Mary Eliza Church Terrell has been called a living link between the era of the Emancipation Proclamation and the modern civil rights movement.  Terrell was particularly active in the Washington, D.C. area.  … Read More(1897) Mary Church Terrell, “In Union There is Strength”

Willie S. Steele (1923-1989)

Olympic athlete Willie Samuel Steele was born in El Centro, California on July 14, 1923.  At age 4 his family moved to San Diego where he graduated from Herbert Hoover High School in 1940.  While attending San Jose State University he was drafted into the … Read MoreWillie S. Steele (1923-1989)

Kenneth S. [“Kenny”] Washington (1918-1971)

Kenneth S. Washington was one of the first black college football stars on the West Coast and one of two African Americans to reintegrate the National Football League (NFL) when he joined the Los Angeles Rams in 1946. His stardom as a running back began … Read MoreKenneth S. [“Kenny”] Washington (1918-1971)