Rufus Buck Gang (1895-1896)

The Rufus Buck Gang was an outlaw gang whose members included African Americans, mixed-race (black and Indian), and Native American teenagers and young adults from the Creek (Muscogee) Nation. The group’s brief but horrific crime spree occurred in the Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) between July … Read MoreRufus Buck Gang (1895-1896)

Frank Matthews (“Black Caesar”) (1944- ?)

Frank “Black Caesar” Matthews was called one of the biggest heroin and cocaine traffickers in United States history by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).  Born on February 13, 1944 in Durham, North Carolina, he became involved in several criminal incidents from a young age.  Matthews was raised by … Read MoreFrank Matthews (“Black Caesar”) (1944- ?)

Stanley (“Tookie”) Williams, III (1953-2005)

Best known as the co-founder of the Crips, the largest street gang in the United States, Stanley Tookie Williams lived in a life of crime and violence. He was born on December 29, 1953, in New Orleans, Louisiana to a mother who was seventeen years old at the time of … Read MoreStanley (“Tookie”) Williams, III (1953-2005)

Blackstone Rangers/ Black P. Stone Nation/El Rukns (ca. 1957-ca. 2000)

The Blackstone Rangers are a street gang formed in the late 1950s on Blackstone Street on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. The Blackstone Rangers were founded by two teenagers, Jeff Fort and Eugene Hairston, while they were at the Illinois School for Boys in … Read MoreBlackstone Rangers/ Black P. Stone Nation/El Rukns (ca. 1957-ca. 2000)

Ellsworth “Bumpy” Johnson (1906-1968)

Ellsworth Raymond “Bumpy” Johnson was an American gangster in Harlem, New York in the 20th century. He has been the subject or character of a number of Hollywood films including The Cotton Club, Hoodlum, and most recently, American Gangster. Johnson was originally from Charleston, South … Read MoreEllsworth “Bumpy” Johnson (1906-1968)