Harris, Moses [aka Black Moses / “Black Squire”] (1800?-1849)

Information on Moses Harris’ birth and lineage is limited.  It is believed that he was born in either Union County, South Carolina or somewhere in Kentucky.  Harris was also known as Black Moses or the “Black Squire.”  During the 1820’s Harris moved west and began work as a fur … Read MoreHarris, Moses [aka Black Moses / “Black Squire”] (1800?-1849)

Tony Gleaton (1948-2015)

"Image Ownership: Public Domain" Leo Antony "Tony" Gleaton is an African American photographer, scholar, and artist who is best known for his photographic images capturing and documenting the African influence in the American West and Central and South America. Gleaton, the youngest son of an … Read MoreTony Gleaton (1948-2015)

Cherie Buckner-Webb (1951- )

Image Ownership: Public Domain Idaho’s first African American State Senator, inspirational keynote speaker, trainer, and singer Cherie Buckner-Webb, a fifth generation Idahoan was born October 20, 1951 in Boise. Buckner-Webb, her family, and other members of the small black community in the state capital experienced … Read MoreCherie Buckner-Webb (1951- )

Thomas L. Purce (1946- )

  Thomas L. Purce Giving Commencement Address, UNC-Ashville, 2009. Photo by Matt Rose Thomas “Les” Purce, politician, businessman, educator, university administrator, and grandson of pioneering black Idahoans, was born on November 13, 1946 to John and Idaho Purce in Pocatello, Idaho.  His grandfather, Tracey Thompson, … Read MoreThomas L. Purce (1946- )

William H. Wilson (? — ?)

William H. Wilson established The Northwest Enterprise, a Seattle, Washington weekly newspaper for the African American community, in 1920 and continued to be its editor until 1935.  He also served as a board member of Seattle’s chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of … Read MoreWilliam H. Wilson (? — ?)

Dorthy Johnson (1945- )

Dorthy Johnson on Stage in Gown, Miss USA, 1964, Miami Beach “Image Courtesy of Dorthy Johnson” Born in Pocatello, Idaho, on May 9, 1945, Dorthy (spelled without the second “o”) L. Johnson, became a semi-finalist in the 1964 Miss USA pageant after winning the title … Read MoreDorthy Johnson (1945- )

Edward Rose (c. 1780- c. 1833)

Edward Rose, also known by the names Five Scalps, Nez Coupe and “Cut Nose,” was the son of a white trader father and a Cherokee and African American mother.  Little else is known about his early life including where he was born. He may have … Read MoreEdward Rose (c. 1780- c. 1833)