The Robert Nero Controversy (1983- )

Black Descendant of Cherokee Freedman Image Ownership: Public domain The Robert Nero controversy refers to a late 20th Century case involving the issue of Indian identity among Cherokee Freedmen, the blacks who culturally identify with the Cherokee Nation.  The controversy began with a legal class … Read MoreThe Robert Nero Controversy (1983- )

Lucile Bluford (1911-2003)

Lucile Bluford was a pioneering black journalist who sought to integrate the University of Missouri in 1939, shortly after the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s (NAACP) test case centering on Lloyd Gaines, Gaines v. Canada, stalled when Gaines mysteriously disappeared.  Although Bluford … Read MoreLucile Bluford (1911-2003)

James v. Marinship (1944)

Marinship Workers, ca. 1943 Image Ownership: Public Domain James v. Marinship was a California Supreme Court decision that ruled that jobs requiring labor union membership could not exclude blacks or other racial groups.  The Marinship Corporation operated various shipyards and was involved in the building … Read MoreJames v. Marinship (1944)