Learie Constantine (1901-1971)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Learie Nicholas Constantine, Baron Constantine, was an international cricketer, journalist, politician, and lawyer. Constantine was the first person of African/Caribbean ancestry to be invested as a life peer in the United Kingdom. Born in Trinidad and Tobago in 1901 he was … Read MoreLearie Constantine (1901-1971)

Mombasa, Kenya (ca. 900 A.D.– )

Mombasa, Kenya, 1959 Image Ownership: Public Domain Mombasa, located in southeastern Kenya on the Indian Ocean, is the second largest city in the country and the nation’s major seaport.  The city, which is located on an island separated from the mainland by Tudor Creek and … Read MoreMombasa, Kenya (ca. 900 A.D.– )

Bill Richmond (1763 – 1829)

Bill Richmond, a.k.a. “The Black Terror”, the first black boxer to gain international recognition, was born in Cuckold’s Town (now Richmondtown), on Staten Island, New York, on August 5, 1763. In 1777 when the English troops held New York during the revolutionary war, he served … Read MoreBill Richmond (1763 – 1829)