Frederick McDonald Massiah (1886–1975)

"Image Ownership: Public Domain" Frederick McDonald Massiah was one of the first African Americans to receive a civil engineering degree from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and was also one of the first successful African American contracting engineers in the country. Massiah was born in … Read MoreFrederick McDonald Massiah (1886–1975)

Tony Gleaton (1948-2015)

"Image Ownership: Public Domain" Leo Antony "Tony" Gleaton is an African American photographer, scholar, and artist who is best known for his photographic images capturing and documenting the African influence in the American West and Central and South America. Gleaton, the youngest son of an … Read MoreTony Gleaton (1948-2015)

Jesse Stahl (c. 1879–1935)

  Image Ownership: Public Domain African American cowboy and rodeo rider Jesse Stahl set the standard of performance in saddle bronc riding that continues to this day. Stahl was a topnotch horseman, a first-class gentleman, and a cowboy who was regarded by many who saw … Read MoreJesse Stahl (c. 1879–1935)

Isom Dart (1849-1900)

  Image Ownership: Public Domain Ned Huddleston (also known as Isom Dart) was born into slavery in Arkansas in 1849. His reputation as a rider, roper and bronco-buster earned him the nicknames of the “Black Fox” and the “Calico Cowboy.”  He was also a notorious … Read MoreIsom Dart (1849-1900)

Charley Willis (1847–1930)

  Charley and Laura Willis Image Ownership: Public Domain African American cowboy Charley Willis was recognized as a singing cowboy who authored the popular trail song, “Goodbye Old Paint.” Willis was a skilled cowhand who not only sang songs from the trail but who contributed … Read MoreCharley Willis (1847–1930)

Central Contractors Association

In 1969, Walter Hundley, director of the Seattle Model Cities Program, encouraged local black independent contractors to organize in an effort to gain lucrative building construction contracts that required minority participation.  When the contractors responded, they selected Tyree Scott, an electrician, as their leader.  They … Read MoreCentral Contractors Association

Albert I. Cassell (1895-1969)

  Image Ownership: Public Domain Albert Irving Cassell, a prominent African American architect, planner, engineer, educator, and entrepreneur, was born on June 25, 1895 in Towson, Maryland.  His parents were Albert and Charlotte Cassell.  Albert’s father was a coal truck driver and trumpet player and … Read MoreAlbert I. Cassell (1895-1969)