Josephine Ebaugh Jones (1920-2017)

Josephine Ebaugh Jones was a community activist and may also have been the first black woman in management at a Fortune 500 company. Born July 30, 1920, in Cross Hill, South Carolina, to sharecroppers Anna Nance and Scott Ebaugh, Josephine arrived in New York City, New York in 1946 to cook … Read MoreJosephine Ebaugh Jones (1920-2017)

Ned Coll (1940- )

Edward T. “Ned” Coll is a civil rights activist and one time (1972) presidential candidate from Connecticut known for taking on the privatized and segregated beaches along the Connecticut coast in the 1970s. Born in 1940, he grew up in Hartford, Connecticut and was educated at the Jesuit Fairfield University, graduating in 1962. Ned Coll, who … Read MoreNed Coll (1940- )

Baton Rouge Bus Boycott (1953)

The Baton Rouge (Louisiana) Bus Boycott in 1953 was the first large-scale boycott of a southern segregated bus system. It inspired the Montgomery Bus Boycott that took place two years later. The boycott, however, remains controversial because many supporters felt its leader, Rev. T.J. Jemison, … Read MoreBaton Rouge Bus Boycott (1953)

Nashville Streetcar Boycott (1905-1907)

The 1896 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson made segregationist laws permissible anywhere in the United States as long as railroads, streetcars, and other public conveyances provided equal accommodations for blacks and whites. The decision, which served as the constitutional underpinning for the … Read MoreNashville Streetcar Boycott (1905-1907)

The Albany Movement (1961–1962)

The Albany Movement was a desegregation campaign formed on November 17, 1961, in Albany, Georgia. Local activists from the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the Ministerial Alliance, the Federation of Woman’s Clubs, and the Negro … Read MoreThe Albany Movement (1961–1962)

Nashville Sit-Ins (1960)

The Nashville Sit-Ins were among the earliest non-violent direct action campaigns that targeted Southern racial segregation in the 1960s. The sit-ins, which lasted from February 13 to May 10, 1960, sought to desegregate downtown lunch counters in Nashville, Tennessee. The protests were coordinated by the … Read MoreNashville Sit-Ins (1960)