Earl G. Graves (1935- )

Earl G. Graves, the founder of Black Enterprise, a nationally recognized black business magazine, was born on January 9, 1935, in Brooklyn, New York. Both his mother, Winifred Sealy, and his father, Earl Godwyn Graves, influenced their son’s successful career. His mother led many community activities, and his father was … Read MoreEarl G. Graves (1935- )

Clarence Benjamin Jones (1931- )

As a lawyer, speechwriter, and close friend to Martin Luther King, Jr., Clarence Jones was a key figure in the background of the Civil Rights movement.  While Jones’ own accomplishments were numerous, his touch on history has been relatively silent compared to the individuals with whom he was associated. Clarence … Read MoreClarence Benjamin Jones (1931- )

Frederic Ellis Davison (1917-1999)

As an Army Major General, Frederic Ellis Davison paved the way for many African Americans who became military officers.  Through Davison’s decorated career, those he led and served alongside respected him. His legacy as an officer in World War II and the Vietnam War marked his place in both military and … Read MoreFrederic Ellis Davison (1917-1999)