Scott, Terry Anne

Terry Anne Scott earned her doctorate in history at the University of Chicago, where she was awarded the Trustees Fellowship.  She received her undergraduate degree in history at Arizona State University, and graduated with distinction from Southern Methodist University with a Master?s Degree in history.  The Chicago native focuses on African American social and cultural history, political movements, sports, urban history, and the South.   She is currently completing two book-length manuscripts.  The first explores how lynching, once a strictly punitive and largely clandestine form of political and labor domination, evolved into publicly viewed, well-attended, frequently commercialized exhibitions of racial violence.  Her second manuscript examines the genesis and defense of racial homogeneity in white Dallas, Texas neighborhoods.  Dr. Scott has worked on multiple public history projects, including an investigation of Freedman’s Cemetery, a nineteenth century African American burial ground.  She is currently a lecturer in the Department of American Ethnic Studies at the University of Washington.