Jerry Chrisman
Drupal Architect
Portland, Oregon

Jerry Chrisman
Courtesy Jerry Chrisman

Jerry Chrisman is a creative media producer with extensive experience in graphic, print, and environmental design as well as web and digital media development. Earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1993, Chrisman graduated with honors from the University of Houston Honors College.

After graduation, Chrisman performed a two year design internship at The Douglas|Group, an international environmental design firm in Houston, Texas. He was subsequently hired on staff as a junior designer.

Desiring milder summers, Chrisman relocated to Portland, Oregon in 1996 working as an Art Director and Media Producer with two Portland firms, Sapient Health Network and Oak Tree Publications. In 1998 Mr. Chrisman struck out on his own and established Jerry Chrisman Design.

With clients ranging from small business owners to Fortune 500 companies, Chrisman accumulated a diverse and robust client base.

Focusing further on digital media production, Chrisman expanded the company and became Grip Media in 2001, adding programmers, audio engineers, and copy editors to staff in addition to an already talented group of designers.

When not creating solutions for clients, Chrisman can be found riding his motorcycles, enjoying his garden, performing music or arguing the finer points of cinema with fellow aficionados.