Smither, William

William “Duke” Smither is a U.S. Navy Veteran (Radarman 2nd Class, E-5, Cuban Missile Crises & Vietnam Era), native of Frankfort, Kentucky, resident of Richmond, Virginia, and retired Sr. Corporate Security Investigator for Dominion Resources, Inc. (Virginia Power).  Formerly, a reporter for the weekly Richmond Afro-American newspaper, while attending Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) as a Journalism major, freelance writing was always on his ‘bucket list’ of things to do, during his working career, as well as in retirement.

Within the last 10 of his 28 years at Dominion, he remained active in local, community theater productions as actor and writer, then playwright and director in retirement, for plays within the scope of Afrocentric perspectives and socio-political commentary. However, his writing and research passion lies primarily within western hemispheric slave rebellions and runaway slave communities.

With the help of his devoted wife (Sharon) in raising three kids, working rotating shifts and attending evening college studies, he later graduated with a B.S. in Organizational Management from St. Paul’s College Lawrenceville, Virginia. Postgraduate studies included Criminal Justice Administration at Virginia Commonwealth University and Ancient African History at Virginia State University. Independent studies in Black History were also completed as an undergrad.

His future plans include expanding history-connected travel and writing activities, as well as publishing related novels, culled from historical research and life perspectives. He’s the founder and writer of a history-related website and occasionally performs dramatic storytelling monologues, namely “to share the many ‘missing pages,’ from our classroom history books within the unique stories, legacies and contributions of our ancestors.”