Hinger, Charlotte

Charlotte Hinger, is a novelist and Western Kansas Historian. She earned an MA in history at Fort Hays State University. Her historical novel, Come Spring, (Simon and Schuster, 1986) won the Western Writers of America Medicine Pipe Bearer’s award. She was the editor of two comprehensive hardcover volumes of family and county narratives. (Sheridan County, Kansas; A History of Faith and Labor, 1984,1985) She has served on the board of the Kansas State Historical Society and is on the editorial board of Heritage of the Great Plains.  

Hinger has published a number of mystery short stories, and historical articles focusing on the American West. Her article, “’The Colored People Hold The Key’: Abram Thompson Hall, Jr.’s Campaign to Organize Graham County,” (Kansas History, Spring 2008) won first place in the Westerners International 2008 articles contest. Deadly Descent, the first book in a new mystery series was published by Poisoned Pen Press in 2009. She is working on her second mystery and an academic book about 19th century African American politicians in Kansas and their impact on the settlement of the West.