Broussard, Antoinette

Antoinette Broussard is a professional writer, genealogy researcher, writing consultant, and public speaker. Citadel Press published her first book, African American Holiday Traditions. The book pays homage to her African American culture and its traditions that grew out of the south, and from other ethnicities, including the Caribbean people. She has contributed biographies to the African American National Biography, editor Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.; Columbia Magazine, the Washington State Historical Society’s journal; Harlem of the West, published by Chronicle Books; The Baobab Tree, a journal of the African American Genealogical Society of Northern California, Inc.;, a reference guide to African American history; Everything Has Its Place Anthology, by The San Leandro Writer’s Group; Slavery’s Descendants: Shared Legacies of Race and Reconciliation, by Rutgers University Press; and contributes to the blog Bittersweet: Linked Through Slavery. She’s a member of the Linked Descendants working group of Coming to the, a national group that pursues racial healing. Antoinette lectures at societies and conferences on genealogical research, including on Facebook, and radio. She is the lead actor in the Ancestry 2021 television commercial about her maternal great aunt, Dr. Nettie Craig Asberry, co-founder of the NAACP, in Tacoma, Washington. Antoinette’s twenty years of research are the inspiration for her current work on a second book, Sweetwater: History Meets Personal Journey.

Antoinette has a MFA in creative writing from Saint Mary’s College of California.

Her website is