Anders, Tisa M.

Tisa M. Anders is an independent scholar and Founder/CEO of Writing the World, LLC in Denver, Colorado. She received her Ph.D. in Religion and Social Change with history as her foundational discipline at the University of Denver/Iliff School of Theology Joint Doctoral Program. Anders specializes in agricultural history and 19th-century US reform movements. She has authored numerous book reviews and encyclopedia entries on history and international relations along with chapters for anthologies on Mexico-US Migration with a focus on the Betabeleros (Mexican and Mexican-American beet field workers) and their contributions to the sugar industry in western Nebraska.  She contributed significantly to Votaw Colony Museum, Inc.’s Reconnection  public history events (2006-11) which uplifted the former black colonies in Kansas, including Groves Center and  Junius G. Groves (1859-1925). She is completing her relationship memoir on love and politics along with her book-length manuscript on 19th-century US activist/author Lydia Maria Child.