Black Studies Association (Kokujin Kenkyu no Kai) of Japan

Martin Luther King’s Why We Can’t Wait in Japanese Image Ownership: Public Domain Nukina Yoshitaka, a scholar in American literature, wrote that he was motivated to found the Black Studies Association in Tokyo, Japan in October of 1954 because he believed Japanese under United States … Read MoreBlack Studies Association (Kokujin Kenkyu no Kai) of Japan

The African Civilization Society (1858-1869)

West Africa in the 18th Century Image Ownership: Public Domain The African Civilization Society (ACS) was founded in 1858 by Henry Highland Garnet who sought to encourage blacks American to immigrate to Africa. Garnet envisioned educated black Americans moving to the African Continent as cultural … Read MoreThe African Civilization Society (1858-1869)

O Clarim da Alvorada (1924-1932)

Office of Clarim da Alvorada, Sao Paulo, 1932 Image Courtesy of the Taylor Collection O Clarim da Alvorada (or Clarim d’Alvorada, the clarion of dawn) was a pioneer Afro–Brazilian newspaper established in 1924 and was key in strengthening the incipient black culture movement in the … Read MoreO Clarim da Alvorada (1924-1932)

Frente Negra Brasileira (1931-1938)

Meeting of da Frente Negra Brasileira, Sao Paulo, ca. 1932 Image Courtesy of Abdia Nascimento Website Frente Negra Brasileira (Brazilian Black Front) originated in the city of São Paulo, Brazil on September 16, 1931, and was the first Afro-Brazilian organization demanding full participating rights in … Read MoreFrente Negra Brasileira (1931-1938)