Bob Zybach

Independent Historian

Bob Zybach has been Program Manager for since 1996. He has a PhD from Oregon State University (OSU) in Environmental Sciences, with a research focus on forest and wildfire history. He also has an MAIS and a BS from OSU, each in the field of Forest Sciences. He has been widely published and interviewed in the public media on the topics of forest history, fire history, reforestation, wildlife habitat, Oregon Indian history, Oregon black history, and scientific peer review methodology. Zybach is a 5th-generation Oregonian and just became a great-grandparent to Kindal Scott Zybach on October 1, 2014. He has been working on two scholarly articles and a detailed biography of Letitia Carson with Janet Meranda of Salem, Oregon since 1989.

555th Parachute Infantry Battalion [Triple Nickles] (1944–1947)

The Triple Nickles Before a Jump, ca. 1945 "Image Ownership: Public Domain" On August 6, 1945, Private First Class Malvin L. Brown was killed after falling one hundred and forty feet during a “let-down” from a tree while fighting a forest fire in the Umpqua … Read More555th Parachute Infantry Battalion [Triple Nickles] (1944–1947)

Letitia Carson (ca.1814-1888)

  "Image Ownership: Public Domain" Letitia Carson was born enslaved in Kentucky sometime between 1814 and 1818.  Little is known of her early life or how she got to Missouri at some point before 1845. In May 1845, Letitia began a 6-month journey on the … Read MoreLetitia Carson (ca.1814-1888)