Andre Wooten

Independent Historian

Andre Wooten, a native of Seattle,
obtained a B.A. in world history at Reed
College and a J.D. from
the University of Washington Law School. 
He then worked for KCTS Channel 9, the educational public television station in Seattle. He began practicing law as a Deputy Corporation
Counsel for the City of Seattle and taught
African-American History and Constitutional Law, for the University of Washington
Black Studies Department.

In 1985 Wooten established a litigation practice in Civil Rights, Criminal
Defense, and Personal Injury law in Honolulu.
He is a co-founder and former president of the African American Lawyers
Association of Hawaii. In 1988, as President of the Afro-American Association
of Hawaii, he successfully lobbied the Hawaii State Legislature for passage of
the Martin Luther King, Jr. state holiday and the creation of the Hawaii Civil
Rights Commission.

He and his wife, Daphne Barbee-Wooten, formed Amen Rasta I Production
Enterprises, which creates, produced and distributed over fifty educational
International African history videos 
worldwide, beginning with the Nile
Valley civilizations of Nubia, KMT-Egypt, and Kush.  In December 2002, a Hawaii Federal Jury
awarded Wooten’s client, $1,055,000.00 in damages, the largest civil rights
violation award for a black person in Hawaii


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