Academic Historian

Cary D. Wintz is a Professor of History at Texas Southern University and is a specialist in the Harlem Renaissance in black political thought. Wintz is the author of numerous books including Harlem Speaks, Black Culture and the Harlem Renaissance, and African American Political Thought, 1890-1930.  He served as an editor of the Oxford University Press five volume Encyclopedia of African American History, 1896 to the Present, and the Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance.  He has also written extensively on Texas history, and is an author of one of the standard Texas history texts, Texas: The Lone Star State.

The Harlem Renaissance in the American West

In the following article historians Bruce Glasrud and Cary Wintz discuss their new book, The Harlem Renaissance in the American West which argues that the literary and artistic outpouring by African Americans during the third decade of the 20th Century was a national phenomenon which … Read MoreThe Harlem Renaissance in the American West