Student Historian

Will Mack is a graduate student at Southern New Hampshire University and will receive his MA in United States history in the spring of 2018.  Will plans on advancing to a doctoral program in the fall of 2019 to focus on African American history, the civil rights movement, radicalism, the development of the carceral state, and labor history in the US.  Will received his BA in history from Rutgers University-New Brunswick, New Jersey in 1999 and grew up in New York City.

Paterson, New Jersey Uprising (1964)

The 1964 Paterson, New Jersey uprising lasted from August 11 to 14.   The uprising occurred simultaneously with a separate uprising in nearby Elizabeth, New Jersey and both, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), were the consequence of the larger uprisings in New York City (July 18-23), Rochester, New … Read MorePaterson, New Jersey Uprising (1964)

The Jersey City Uprising (1964)

The 1964 Jersey City, New Jersey uprising began August 2 and lasted three nights until the morning of August 5.  The uprising began in the predominantly black neighborhood of Lafayette in Jersey City after police arrested 26-year-old African American Delores Shannon for disorderly conduct and being drunk … Read MoreThe Jersey City Uprising (1964)

The Chester, Pennsylvania Race Riot (1917)

The 1917 Race Riot in Chester, Pennsylvania began July 24, 1917 and continued until July 30, 1917.  It is considered unique from many of the other race riots of the World War I and interwar period because there were no accusations of police brutality, and city officials and police made … Read MoreThe Chester, Pennsylvania Race Riot (1917)

Newburg, New York Race Riot (1899)

The 1899 Newburg, New York Race Riot was the culmination of months of racial tension between non-black and black brickyard workers after brickyard owners began hiring black workers to fill labor shortages.  Previously, local brickyards had hired Irish workers, then Hungarian, Italian, and Arab workers with only two brickyards in the city hiring black workers … Read MoreNewburg, New York Race Riot (1899)

The Crusader (1918-1922)

The Crusader was a black communist magazine established by journalist Cyril Briggs initially with the financial support of West Indian merchant Anthony Crawford in September 1918.  Briggs established The Crusader in response to and in support of President Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points that called for the “impartial adjustment of all colonial claims.”  Briggs, formerly of the Amsterdam … Read MoreThe Crusader (1918-1922)

Lovett Fort-Whiteman (1889-1939)

Lovett Huey Fort-Whiteman was an American political and civil rights activist and member of the Communist International. He is regarded as the first American-born Black Communist and the first African American to attend a Comintern training school in the Soviet Union. Fort-Whiteman organized the Communist Party-affiliated American Negro Labor Congress and … Read MoreLovett Fort-Whiteman (1889-1939)