Academic Historian

Elwood Watson is a professor of History, African American Studies, and Gender Studies at East Tennessee State University. He is the co-editor of two anthologies There She Is, Miss America: The Politics of Sex, Beauty and Race in America’s Most Famous Pageant and The Oprah Phenomenon. He is the sole editor of the anthology Searching The Soul of Ally McBeal: Critical Essays.  His book Outsiders Within: Black Women in the Legal Academy After Brown v. Board was published in 2008 by Rowman and Littlefield Publishers. The author and co-author of several award winning articles, he is currently working on an anthology that explores performance and anxiety of the male body and a second monograph that explores the contemporary race realist movement. Watson is also the co-author of the forthcoming book, Beginning A Career in Academia: A Graduate Guide for Students of Color Routledge Press (2014).

William Levi Dawson (1886-1970)

William Levi Dawson was a well-known Chicago, Illinois lawyer who became one of the city’s most influential politicians.  His career paralleled the rising significance of African Americans in the Democratic Party.  Dawson was born in Albany, Georgia on April 26, 1886.  Little is known of … Read MoreWilliam Levi Dawson (1886-1970)