Independent Historian

Marcus Wallace, who was born in Bremerton, Washington, is a 2005 graduate with honors of Eastern Washington University. Wallace who has done some graduate study at the University of Washington, Seattle, is currently a Campus and Youth Minister for the South Sound Church of Christ in Tacoma, Washington.  

Charles Arthur Hayes (1918-1997)

African American Congressman, Charles Arthur Hayes, will forever be remembered for his commitment to legislate equal rights for black labor workers.  After noticing racism aimed toward black workers in his hometown of Cairo, Illinois, Hayes moved to Chicago and started unionizing activities in 1942.  As … Read MoreCharles Arthur Hayes (1918-1997)

Sinclair Park, Kitsap County, Washington (1943-1948)

Bremerton, Washington became a major employment center during World War II when the Puget Sound Navy Yard expanded to meet wartime production demands.  Nearly 80,000 workers were recruited to the yards, including 10,000 African Americans.  Many of the first black arrivals were assigned to Sinclair Park, … Read MoreSinclair Park, Kitsap County, Washington (1943-1948)