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Dr. Uchenna Umeh, aka Dr. Lulu “The Momatrician” as she likes to be called by her patients, was born in Nigeria and completed her medical training in Nigeria. She emigrated to the US for her pediatric residency training at Howard University Hospital in Washington, D.C. She has successfully owned her own private practice, had a four-year stint with the US Air Force, and is currently back practicing medicine as a civilian in San Antonio, Texas.

She is a bestselling author of a parenting book called How to Raise Well-Rounded Children, available as an eBook and paperback on Amazon and at her website, She is also a freelance writer and has her works in many online and paperback publications. She lives in San Antonio Texas with her family.

Mental Illness in Black Community, 1700-2019: A Short History

In the article below, Dr. Uchenna Umeh, a former San Antonio, Texas physician, briefly describes how mental health among African Americans was viewed and treated by the American medical community from the antebellum period until today. In the process she describes how those attitudes have … Read MoreMental Illness in Black Community, 1700-2019: A Short History