Rheanna Todd

Independent Historian

Rheanna Todd, born 1997 in Bellevue, Washington. Currently a premed Junior at the University of Washington, working on a bachelors in psychology. With the intention of going to medical school, to become an OB/GYN.

James Ambrose Johnson/ Rick James (1948-2004)

Rick James was a singer-songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist, who was born on February 1, 1948 and raised in Buffalo, New York. His Father James Ambrose Johnson, Sr., was said to be abusive and ended up leaving when James was eight years old. His mother Mabel Gladden worked as … Read MoreJames Ambrose Johnson/ Rick James (1948-2004)

John Wallace (1925-1992)

Medical researcher John Wallace was born March 8, 1925 in Cincinnati, Ohio. He graduated from Howard University in 1947 with an honors bachelors in zoology. Originally, he was going to enroll at a medical student at Meharry Medical College. However, after spending a summer in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital doing … Read MoreJohn Wallace (1925-1992)

George James (“Buddy”) Catlett (1933-2014)

Buddy Catlett was a solo jazz multi-instrumentalist but is known for playing the bass. Catlett was born in Long Beach, California on May 13, 1933. He moved to Seattle, Washington when he was 3 years old and lived there most of his life. He came from a family of pioneers, his grandfather also … Read MoreGeorge James (“Buddy”) Catlett (1933-2014)

The Dells/ The Mighty Dells (1952-1998)

The Dells are an R&B vocal group that was formed in 1952 in Harvey, Illinois. The group included Marvin Junior, Verne Allison, Johnny Funches, Chuck Barksdale, and Mickey and Lucius McGill. When the group formed, the members were all in high school and were called the El-Rays. They produced … Read MoreThe Dells/ The Mighty Dells (1952-1998)

Lonne Elder III (1931-1996)

Lonne Elder was a playwright, screenwriter, and actor. Born December 26, 1927, in Americus, Georgia, to father Lonne Elder II and Quincy Elder. When Lonne was still an infant, his family moved to New Jersey. At the age of ten Elder’s parents died, he and his four siblings were … Read MoreLonne Elder III (1931-1996)

James Tyson Tildon (1931-2006)

Chemist James Tyson Tildon was born August 7, 1931 in Baltimore, Maryland. As a young boy he had an innate curiosity for how things work, often taking apart toys, toasters, etc., and reassembling them. When Tildon was in elementary school, his parents bought him a chemistry set, … Read MoreJames Tyson Tildon (1931-2006)

Ruby Elzy (1908-1943)

Ruby Elzy was a singer and actress, born February 20, 1908 in Pontotoc, Mississippi. Her father Charlie Elzy left the family when Elzy was three years old. Her mother Emma Elzy worked three jobs to support Ruby and her three siblings. She was a teacher at a colored school, … Read MoreRuby Elzy (1908-1943)