Julianna Tesfu

Independent Historian

Julianna Tesfu was born in San Diego, California and became a resident of Washington State at age eight. She is currently a freshman at the University of Washington and is planning on majoring in social welfare with a minor in African American studies. Julianna hopes to get a master’s degree in social welfare and work with refugee-torn families. Her inspiration comes from her parents who themselves were refugees who fled from Ethiopia and requested political asylum in the United States. Julianna is interested in expanding her cultural knowledge and looks forward to one day being able to spread that knowledge to others.

Beta Israel

  The Beta Israel in Israel Image Ownership: Public Domain The Beta Israel, meaning House of Israel, are a sect of Ethiopians who practice Judaism. They have also long been referred to as the Falasha, an Amharic word for exile, which has fallen out of favor … Read MoreBeta Israel

Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia (1892-1975)

Emperor Haile Selassie was born on July 23, 1892 as Tafari Makonnen just outside the city of Harrar in Enjersa Goro Province, Ethiopia. His mother was Yeshimbet Ali Abajiffar and his father was Ras (Duke) Makonnen Wolde Michael, Governor of Harrar, relative of Emperor Menelik … Read MoreHaile Selassie I of Ethiopia (1892-1975)