Abigail Swanson

Student Historian

Abigail Swanson is an undergraduate at the University of Washington working to attain her BA in History. Abigail has an interest in African American history. Upon graduating, Abigail plans to teach English abroad.

Prince Hall Masons (1784- )

Dedication of the Prince Hall Masons Monument at Cambridge Massachusetts, September 13, 2008 Image Ownership: Public Domain The Prince Hall Masons are the oldest and largest group of Masons of African origin in the world.  Today there are forty Grand Lodges of Prince Hall Freemasonry … Read MorePrince Hall Masons (1784- )

John Edward Jacob (1934– )

Image Courtesy of the National Urban League John E. Jacob, civil rights leader, former president of the National Urban League, business executive, and administrator, was born to Claudia and Emory Jacob in Trout, Louisiana on December 16, 1934. Jacob’s father, Emory Jacob, was an impoverished … Read MoreJohn Edward Jacob (1934– )