Student Historian

Sundus Ahmed is an undergraduate student at the University of Washington pursuing a degree in International Studies at the Henry Jackson School. She was born in Seattle, Washington to Somali immigrant parents. Her interest in Black History began as a pursuit to learn more about her own culture as a Somali American. Sundus strongly believes that knowing your history is important in molding your future. After graduation, she hopes to work abroad to further her learning about the international world.

Herbert Charles Smitherman Sr. (1937-2010)

Dr. Herbert Charles Smitherman Sr. was a chemist and the first African American to be employed at Proctor & Gamble as a doctorate-level employee. He helped improve formulas for products such as Crest toothpaste, Bounce fabric softeners, Folgers’ coffee, and Safeguard soap. Smitherman was born … Read MoreHerbert Charles Smitherman Sr. (1937-2010)