Candace Staten

Student Historian

Candace Staten is an undergraduate at the University of Washington, who plans to graduate in the Winter of 2014 with a bachelor’s of arts degree in social science, and emphasis in communications. She has as a strong interest in African American studies, cultural ethnography, and race relations, and hopes to pursue social scientific research upon graduation.


Sarah Loguen Fraser (1850-1933)

Sarah Fraser, born Sarah Marinda Loguen, was the first female African American to graduate from the Syracuse University College of Medicine. She was also one of the first African American female physicians specializing in obstetrics and pediatrics. Sarah Loguen was born on January 29, 1850, … Read MoreSarah Loguen Fraser (1850-1933)

Mabel Keaton Staupers (1890-1989)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Mabel Keaton Staupers, R.N., was instrumental in ending the United States Army’s policy of excluding African American nurses from its ranks in World War II. In 1948 Staupers also successfully lobbied for full integration of the American Nurses Association. Mabel Keaton … Read MoreMabel Keaton Staupers (1890-1989)