Candace Staten

Student Historian

Candace Staten is an undergraduate at the University of Washington, who plans to graduate in the Winter of 2014 with a bachelor’s of arts degree in social science, and emphasis in communications. She has as a strong interest in African American studies, cultural ethnography, and race relations, and hopes to pursue social scientific research upon graduation.


William Paul Quinn (1788-1873)

"Image Ownership: Public Domain" Bishop William Paul Quinn was the fourth Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church. He was instrumental in establishing several AME churches in U.S. midwestern states during the pre-Civil War period.  His work for the black Methodist community was highly … Read MoreWilliam Paul Quinn (1788-1873)

Manning Marable (1950-2011)

“Image Ownership: Public Domain” William Manning Marable was an influential social commentator, writer, and professor of political science, public affairs, history, and African American studies.   He was born on May 13, 1950 in Dayton, Ohio to James and June Morehead Marable. Previously married twice, he … Read MoreManning Marable (1950-2011)

Anthony Overton (1865-1946)

"Image Ownership: Public Domain" Born a slave in the waning months of the Civil War, Anthony Overton became the first African American to own a major conglomerate.  His vast business empire included the Overton Hygienic Manufacturing Company, The Half-Century Magazine, Douglass National Bank, The Victory … Read MoreAnthony Overton (1865-1946)

Vada Watson Somerville (1885-1972)

Vada and John Somerville "Image Ownership: Public Domain" Vada Somerville was the first African American female dentist educated at the University of Southern California School of dentistry, and the second African American graduate in the university’s history.  Graduating in 1918, Somerville was the only African … Read MoreVada Watson Somerville (1885-1972)

Fannie Barrier Williams (1855-1944)

"Image Ownership: Public Domain" Fannie Barrier Williams was an educator, political activist, and women’s rights advocate who worked for advancement opportunities of African Americans. She called especially for social and educational reforms to improve the plight of black women in the Southern States of the … Read MoreFannie Barrier Williams (1855-1944)