Independent Historian

S.M. Morris is an independent writer and poet with a performing artist background. She received a Bachelor of Arts from Tulane University and Master of Science from Louisiana State University-Shreveport. S.M. Morris has participated in several stage plays including Four Little Girls: Birmingham 1963 (America Theatre Project of New Orleans – Ed Bishop), Dryades Street Diva (American Theatre Project of New Orleans – Ed Bishop), and V-Day Monologues at Tulane University. Through her relationship with her Grandmother and mentors she understands the value of community engagement and the importance of history.

E.E. Ward Moving and Storage (1881- )

E.E. Ward Moving and Storage, recognized by the U.S. Department of Commerce as the oldest continuously operating Black-owned business in the United States, was founded in 1881 by William Ward and his father, John T. Ward. The company’s beginning included two helpers, a team of … Read MoreE.E. Ward Moving and Storage (1881- )

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church (1864- )

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, established 1864, was the first African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E. church) in the state of Mississippi and the site for T.W. Stringer Grand Lodge of Freemasonry for the State of Mississippi in Vicksburg founded by Rev. T.W. Stinger in 1867, as … Read MoreBethel African Methodist Episcopal Church (1864- )

Hurricane Chris/Christopher Jerrod Dooley Jr. (1989- )

Christopher Dooley Jr. is an American rapper known to the world as Hurricane Chris. Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, on March 7, 1989. Dooley had always expressed an interest in becoming a renowned rapper and credits his mother as his inspiration. She is often mentioned in … Read MoreHurricane Chris/Christopher Jerrod Dooley Jr. (1989- )