Jean Soliz

Independent Historian

Jean Soliz is a former gubernatorial policy adviser and cabinet member in the State of Washington. She earned a J.D. at the University of California at Davis, after receiving a B.A. in Communications and Political Science at the University of Washington. She co-authored an article entitled “They Don’t Get Paid for What They Do: The Funding Dilemma of AASCU Institutions in Washington” presented to the National Social Science Association in April, 1998. She is completing a biography on Edwin Pratt, a major civil rights leader in her home town of Seattle, Washington, who was assassinated within months after the slayings of Martin Luther King. Jr. and Bobby Kennedy.

Edwin T. Pratt (1930-1969)

Edwin Thomas Pratt had been a leader in Seattle, Washington’s civil rights movement for a decade when he was assassinated at the front door of his home on January 26, 1969. At the time, Pratt was Executive Director of the Seattle Urban League. His murder … Read MoreEdwin T. Pratt (1930-1969)