Michael N. Searles

Academic Historian

Michael N. Searles is an assistant professor of history at Augusta State University, Augusta, Georgia. Professor Searles who is a contributor to the award winning Black Cowboy of Texas specializes in Black Cowboys, Buffalo Soldiers, and the American West. Searles is currently co-editing an anthology on the Buffalo Soldiers in the West scheduled for publication in 2006. A nationally recognized consultant and presenter, “Cowboy Mike” as Professor Searles’s is known to many, speaks to public school audiences, libraries, universities, and community groups.

Daniel Webster Wallace (1860-1939)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Daniel Webster (80 John) Wallace, born a slave in Victoria County, Texas, on September 15, 1860, did not like farm work, and ran away to become a cowboy.  Daniel worked for a number of ranchers in east-central Texas, but it was … Read MoreDaniel Webster Wallace (1860-1939)

Texas Seminole Scouts

Image Ownership: Public Domain The Texas Seminole Scouts were descendants of runaway slaves who fled into Florida before the Civil War.  The offer of freedom by the Spanish greatly encouraged South Carolina and Georgia slaves to vote for freedom with their feet.  The blacks cooperated … Read MoreTexas Seminole Scouts