Jessica Salo

Independent Historian

Jessica Salo is a 2009 graduate of the University of Washington in Seattle. Her main academic interests were modern U.S. cultural and political history. In addition to her studies, she was a research assistant to historian Margaret Pugh O’Mara.  Jessica plans to attend graduate school and continue her studies in American history to pursue a career as a historian.

Gertrude E.H. Bustill Mossell (1855-1948)

  Image Ownership: Public Domain Gertrude E.H. Bustill Mossell was a teacher, author and journalist born on July 3, 1855 in Philadelphia. The daughter of Charles and Emily Bustill, she came from a prominent family. She attended public schools in Philadelphia and eventually the Institute … Read MoreGertrude E.H. Bustill Mossell (1855-1948)

Benjamin Griffith Brawley (1882-1939)

Image Ownership: Public Domain Benjamin Griffith Brawley was a college professor, author and the first dean of Morehouse College. Born in 1882 in Columbia, South Carolina to a middle class family, Brawley was the second son of Edward McKnight Brawley and Margaret Dickerson Brawley. His … Read MoreBenjamin Griffith Brawley (1882-1939)

James Armistead Lafayette (1760-1832)

Image Ownership: Public Domain James Armistead [Lafayette] was an African American spy during the American Revolution. Born in Virginia as a slave to William Armistead in 1760, he volunteered to join the Army in 1781. After gaining the consent of his owner, Armistead was stationed … Read MoreJames Armistead Lafayette (1760-1832)