Independent Historian

Adam Rozen-Wheeler earned his B.A. in Jewish Studies from the University of Washington in 2017. While his focus is in Jewish history, he has studied American history (including African American history) at length. In addition to his article contributions to, Adam serves as the website’s grant writer, helping raise funds needed to keep in operation.

Adam grew up in Tacoma, Washington, where he received an Associate’s Degree from Tacoma Community College, and is currently a member of the Orthodox Jewish community in Seattle. He works as a contract grant writer and teacher.

Julius L. Chambers (1936-2013)

Image Ownership: AP Julius LeVonne Chambers was a twentieth century African-American civil rights activist and lawyer. Born October 6, 1936, to William and Matilda Chambers in Mt. Gilead, a small town in Montgomery County, North Carolina, he faced segregationist laws from birth. Opportunities for young … Read MoreJulius L. Chambers (1936-2013)

Golden West Hotel Portland (1906–1931)

The Golden West Hotel was the first hotel in Portland, Oregon, to serve black patrons. William D. Allen, an entrepreneur from Tennessee and prominent member of the local black community, founded the hotel in 1906 to serve African-American railroad workers who were denied accommodations elsewhere … Read MoreGolden West Hotel Portland (1906–1931)